7 useful tips to buy the right smartphone


Buying a smartphone is definitely not that easy. Choosing the right – θήκες κινητών – device depending on your budget is a rather difficult equation.

If you are in this position, surely the following article will be very useful, as it includes the necessary criteria that will bring you closer to your new device.

1. At the core of the issue

All processes running on the mobile go through the CPU. a CPU can be dual-core, quad core or 4 + 4 so the more cores the less likely a command to be processed to be delayed. Pay special attention to the core.

Do not take for granted that an octa-core processor offers better performance than a quad-core one. Usually octa-core processors are divided into two quad-core processors.

One quartet is the fastest and is the one that is recruited for the demanding applications, while the second one is slower, saves energy and is used for the simplest, usual functions of a mobile phone.

One measure of speed is the GHz at which the cores are timed, the more the faster. This means that a quad-core processor clocked at 2.4GHz can deliver higher performance than an octa-core clocked at 1.8GHz for one quad-core and 1.0GHz for the other, and whichever is employed is significantly lower. Also, consider the GPU generation that edits the graphics, especially if you are a gamer fanatic.

2. RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM Stores temporary job data so that speed is increased and parallel tasks are favored. 2GB of memory is now considered minimally acceptable for those involved in mobile gaming and multitasking.

3. 4G technology

4G technology is many times faster than 3G technology this implies incredible speeds on the internet and generally a great variety in streaming and includes the HSPA + 21/42 protocols. The 4G signal is automatically recognized if it is supported by the mobile. 4G coverage is constantly being improved by mobile lanes.

4. Battery

Stone ion batteries are common in modern cell phones. Surely a 4,000mAh battery can deliver more power than a 3,000mAh battery. But does this automatically mean increased autonomy? Not necessarily, as a cleverly designed mobile phone that carries a battery of the order e.g. of 3,000mAh can be less energy consuming. A quality monitor, a state-of-the-art processor, which ensures lower power consumption, or even software that ensures the smooth operation of the device are some of the parameters that place their own cornerstone in ensuring more autonomy from the socket. And because sooner or later, your phone will need to be charged, it’s a good idea to consider how fast a recharge is. New high-speed charging technologies will surprise you!

5. Operating system

The improved EMUI operating system of the best smart phones – is based on the latest generation Android. Task management algorithms are constantly being improved by the artificial intelligence system to ensure a smooth user experience even after long periods of use.

6. Do not stick to megapixels

The era when a camera was characterized exclusively by its number of Megapixels has passed irrevocably. Besides, we must not forget that Megapixels define the maximum resolution of the photo, that is, how detailed our digital canvas will be. What will be imprinted on it, however, is the real question. What is the point of a blurry image, captured at 5120 × 3840 pixels (corresponding to 20MP)?

For this reason, give weight to autofocus capabilities that ensure fast focusing and effective tracking of fast-moving objects, as well as the flash provided. See samples of photos in low light and evaluate additional “goodies”, such as e.g. super slow motion functions.

Finally, devices that incorporate a dual lens system certainly have a lot more to offer than a g megapixel bag, but that does not mean, of course, that there are no single-lens cameras that have great results, especially when it comes to capturing sharp videos.

If you are still looking for the infamous “bokeh” effect, for portraits with a focus on the face and a blurred background, then you will need a lens with a large aperture, which means that the denominator in the fraction f / should be the smallest possible (eg the 1.8 at f / 1.8 means a larger aperture than the corresponding f / 2.0).

7. When is there enough storage space?

Often the microSD card slot makes us anxious about the built-in storage on our next smartphone.

At this point, it is worth evaluating the data we usually store on our mobile. If we want to host countless audio, video or video files, the microSD card will do the job just fine.

Conversely, if we want to have countless applications and games installed that each take up 1-2 gigabytes, then we must keep in mind that even when the freedom to transfer an application to the memory card, part of it remains in the main storage our space, which is obviously also faster accessible than the corresponding microSD card.

And don’t forget this: when a device mentions 16GB of storage, it does not mean that you have 16GB of free storage. Many of them (of the order of 4 or even 5GB) are already dedicated to the installed operating system, as well as to the pre-installed applications or custom graphical environment of the manufacturer or provider.

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