The advantages and possibilities of creating a Corporate Blog

The advantages and possibilities of creating a Corporate Blog

If you are an interested part of a brand or company, you have a business through which you provide a more or less specialized service, or you sell products within a certain union or sector, considering creating a corporate blog is generally a great initiative to publish articles and content related to the activity that attracts the public, that which incessantly seeks to satisfy their needs under an untiring and constant demand in the wide ocean that is the Internet.

But… wait! Can there be cases in which it would not be interesting to have a blog? The truth is that few! Four winds to facilitate free access to it by anyone interested in the subject.

We tell you the advantages that a blog can provide for the benefit of any activity, and its possibilities to reach the audience and improve engagement or response on their part, with the aim of informing or arguing and generating more conversions or sales.

Competitive advantages of creating a corporate blog

Among the wide variety of virtues of a Blog, we have made a summary of those advantages that we consider most important and generic, since depending on the type of industry or sector there may be many more that imply a close relationship with the union to which they belong. our selection goes:

  • Establish communication beyond the more or less static pages focused simply on exposing information about products or services.
    Attract web traffic organically or by promoting the pages of the site from other means, awakening the interest of the audience on aspects related to the activity.
    Increase visibility and credibility on social networks by having content in your chronology that can be shared on them.
    Build trust and credibility towards the brand by improving its reputation thanks to a variety of content to attract the audience, informative or specialized in topics related to the company’s activity.
    Build a community around the activity to generate engagement by gaining followers and evangelists among the interest groups for the products or services.
    Encourage the viralization of interesting blog content by visitors to reach a larger audience by increasing our audience.
    Facilitate understanding of the usefulness of the company’s products or services by explaining the virtues of its procedures or methodologies.
    Improve the SEO positioning of the same blog and other web pages of products or services by commenting on them and linking them from the different articles and entries, since the blog is the ideal epicenter for this type of strategies, which well focused can increase organic visits to the website exponentially.
    Capture of subscribers and their consent to send informative or advertising newsletters through email marketing campaigns.
    Loyalty of customers or users who already buy or use the brand’s products or services.
    Improve customer service by solving their doubts, guiding them through post argued in the most common queries, or responding to the comments of each article or publication, which highlight their opinions and concerns to adapt the services to their needs.Accompany the client in the purchase process since during this they can be linked to content related to the products in which they are interested.
    Differentiate yourself from the competition by personalizing as far as possible the publications and other graphic and audiovisual materials that are exhibited in the chronology.
    Place advertising through banners and other elements that incorporate calls to action to link to other content and pages of products or services related to the publications.
    Have less perishable information on the launch of new products or services to make them known or news and changes in them or in the way they are provided.
    Give a voice to the company’s employees and collaborators by exposing the work they do and how they do it to generate the necessary empathy and proximity.
    Develop the storytelling of the brand to connect emotionally or intellectually with the audience, also including anecdotes and experiences in its journey.
    The blog is a tireless and active virtual commercial that teaches, shows and convinces 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, does not get sick or take vacations, or smoke or drink coffee in the middle of the morning.
    Ultimately improve the conversion or sales ratio, since most of the above aspects contribute to it directly or indirectly.

Advantages more than enough right? Make an initial estimate of the resources to be invested in relation to the time it takes to obtain benefits, in most cases it involves putting the cards on the table and throwing many accounts, taking into account It takes into account the particularities, expectations and competition in each sector, how long has this or that other company been around? And what has it achieved in all this time? And of course we should also ask ourselves what do we know that it has done to to get it?.
Steps to create a corporate blog

We generally recommend some basic steps to create a blog, although the order may vary depending on the case:

Choose the themes associated with the activity and the structure for organizing the content in categories and tags.
Select the appropriate platform and technologies to develop it.
Find or define the appropriate domain name and URL concatenation.
Contract or determine the appropriate hosting system or service, depending on whether it is an independent blog or dependent on a platform whose hosting is carried out on private servers.
Propose the style and characteristics of the interface design that preserve the image of the company or brand.
Create a style guide that includes specific rules for publishing content.
Diagnose SEO optimization for web positioning.
Study systems to make profitable and plans to monetize the blog.
Configure web analytics systems to measure results over time.
Launch, publication and dissemination to make it known.

Configuration of the corporate blog on the server

The configuration to create a corporate blog may vary depending on some factors, if the company or brand already has a website with more or less static product or service pages, it can host different directories sharing the space and adding a domain extension , or be developed on a platform with external hosting to be linked from previous menus or pages, something that as a general rule is less recommended.

In some cases it may be necessary to completely renew the system or technologies with which the old pages of the site are created, to integrate them with the advantages of including the dynamic content of the blog in the same space and with minimal variation in the composition of Strings of the URLs associated with the domain, the latter aspect that considerably favors the recognition and popularity of the whole in the long term, from the point of view of SEO for search engines.

Creating a blog and maintaining it is a great initiative that helps to improve any activity or business, but entails strategic planning in its development, on the type of content to be published, the frequency of these publications, and the ways to promote them to increase the visibility and interaction by the target audience. In most cases the effort is worth it, obtaining very positive results in the medium and long term, although this depends on the resources initially available.

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